Get about Europe the way Europeans do and learn about each culture while you're on the move. The Eurail pass is your key to experiencing the most of Europe – at your own pace.

6 reasons to experience Europe by Eurail

1 Breathtaking scenery

Travel on one of Europe's popular scenic routes and enjoy beautiful scenery like the snow-capped Alps in Switzerland or the lush rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy.

2 Discover 28 countries

Discover famed destinations in up to 28 countries from world-renowned capitals like Paris and Amsterdam to enchanting villages in Andalusia in Spain. The choice is endless.

3 Comfy high-speed travel

The train is the comfortable way to see Europe. High-speed trains run in many countries, providing extra-fast transport links without the hassle of airport security and check-in.

4 Arrive in the city center

The train doors swing open and there you are in the heart of the city. Drop your bags off and then you're ready to start exploring a new culture, rich history and famous sites.

5 Travel by night

Cover large distances on night trains while you snooze – fall asleep in one city and wake up the next day in a new place, well-rested and ready to begin a day of exploration.

6 Meet new people

Get to know the locals for a truly authentic travel experience and cross paths with other travelers from all over the world. You'll leave with lifelong memories!

Eurail passes

We offer a range of European rail passes. Choose which countries you want to visit and how many train travel days you need. The value-for-money Eurail Global Pass gives you the freedom to discover up to 28 countries by train, including favorites like France, Italy and Spain.

See which Eurail pass fits your plans

Eurail Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass is the flexible and value-for-money train pass that takes you across the best of Europe, including France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

• Explore up to 28 European countries by train.

• Over 120,000 travelers choose the Global Pass every year.

Eurail Select Pass

The Eurail Select Pass lets you discover the 4 bordering countries of your choice, including popular destinations like France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

• Take your pick from 26 European countries.

Eurail Regional Pass

With the Eurail Regional Pass, combine 2 bordering countries for an exciting getaway. This pass offers the best value if you want to focus your European adventure on a specific region.

Eurail One Country Pass

The Eurail One Country Pass is the best choice if you want to spend your vacation experiencing 1 European country. Choose from popular countries like Italy and Spain and use regional and high-speed trains to move from one beautiful city center to the next.

Choose the right Eurail Pass

Follow these 4 steps to choosing the right Eurail pass for your European vacation:

1. Countries: Where in Europe do you want to go?

Experience all of Europe's highlight with the Global Pass

Want to see as much of Europe as possible?

Then our Eurail Global Pass is a popular choice. You can travel by train in and between 28 countries, all with one rail pass.

Select 4 bordering countries with the Select Pass

With the Eurail Select Pass you only pay for the countries you want to visit. You can select 4 of your favorite countries, as long as they are bordering. For example combine France, Italy Spain and the Benelux.

Visit 1-2 countries with our One Country and Regional Pass

Looking for a short holiday break in 1 or 2 countries? Choose from 19 different Eurail One Country Passes. One example is the Eurail Italy Pass.
You can also choose one of the 24 Eurail Regional Passes, for example the Eurail Austria-Switzerland Pass.

2. Validity: How far and how often do you want to travel?

Each Eurail pass has a different validity period. For the Eurail Global Pass it ranges from 15 days-3 months. The Select Pass starts from 5 days.
Will you take a train almost every day? Choose a Eurail pass with a continuous validity. For example: with the Eurail Global Pass 21 days continuous, you can you travel on 21 consecutive days.

Will you travel once every few days? Choose a Eurail pass with a flexible validity period. For example: with the Eurail Global Pass 15 days within 2 months, you are free to choose 15 days on which you want to travel, during a period of 2 months.

3. Discounts: Do you qualify for youth or group discounts?

Each Eurail pass offers various discounts:

• Are you under 26 on the first day your pass is valid? Then you can get a discounted youth pass, available for 2nd class.
• 2 adults or more can get a group discount by buying a Saver Pass. You will need to travel together since you share one pass.
• Children under 12 travel with a cheap child pass. Children under 4 travel for free.

4. Class: Do you prefer to travel in 1st or 2nd class?

Eurail discounted youth passes are only available for travel in 2nd class. Adult and Saver passes are available for 1st class and 2nd class, depending on the pass you choose
• Youth travelers who prefer 1st class, can buy an adult pass or a Saver Pass.
• A 1st class Eurail pass is also valid for 2nd class train travel.

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd class?

The difference between 1st and 2nd class rail travel is the level of comfort and the facilities provided. Most European trains have both 1st and 2nd class cars, but there are also trains without class distinction. A 1st class Eurail pass is more expensive than a 2nd class Eurail pass.

Seats are usually larger and more comfortable, and there is more legroom in 1st class cars than in 2nd class. There is also greater luggage space. 1st class cars are almost always less crowded than 2nd class.

On certain high-speed trains, 1st class travelers may receive the following:

• Complimentary drink and snack
• Free newspaper
• WiFi internet connection
• Power sockets

Classes are indicated with large numbers '1' and '2' on the outside of the train, as well as inside the cars. Some smaller regional trains may not have a class distinction. A 1st class Eurail pass also entitles you to travel in 2nd class cars.

How to use your pass

How do I activate my Eurail pass?

You need to activate your Eurail pass in a European train station before you can start using it. It must be activated within 6 months of the issuing date.

Once in Europe, simply go to the ticket office of any large train station and have a railway official activate your pass. It's not possible to activate the pass yourself.

What popular routes can I take with my Eurail Global Pass?

With a Eurail Global Pass you can go almost everywhere in Europe. Below is a list of the 20 most popular European train routes. This will give you an idea of some of the exciting countries and cities you can visit with the pass.

Does it matter which country I start in?

No, you can start your trip in any country in which your Eurail pass is valid. For instance, if you have a Eurail Global Pass, you can start in any of the 28 countries that are included in your pass.

Can I travel back and forth between countries?

Yes, you can visit the countries included in your pass as many times as you want, and cross the borders between them as often as you like. Use national and international trains to create your ideal European travel itinerary.

If you travel through a country where your pass is not valid, you'll have to buy an additional ticket for that part of the journey.

Can I travel through a country not covered by my pass?

No, your Eurail pass only gives you access to the train networks within the countries where your pass is valid. You're not covered in any other countries, even if you remain on the train for the whole time and don't change trains in that country.

How long exactly is a 1 month pass valid?

A Global Pass - 1 month continuous is valid for train travel on each day during 1 month. The number of travel days you have, depends on the length of the month in which you start using your pass.

What is the 7 p.m. rule?

It’s very useful to know about the 7 p.m. rule if you have a flexi pass (e.g. Global Pass - 15 days within 2 months) as it can save you precious travel days! The rule means that you only need to use 1 travel day when you travel on a direct night train that departs after 7 p.m. (19:00) and arrives at its final stop after 4 a.m. (04:00), even if you leave the train before 4 a.m..
The 7 p.m. rule only applies after the activation date of your pass. For example, if your Eurail pass is activated from August 6, you cannot use the 7 p.m. rule on the evening of August 5.


If you board a direct night train that departs after 7 p.m. (19:00) and arrives at its final stop after 4 a.m. (04:00) then only the day of arrival needs to be entered into the travel calendar.


The 7 p.m. rule applies to all free night ferry crossings, regardless of the departure and arrival times. You choose whether you fill in the departure date or the arrival date in the travel calendar. You don't need to use any travel days for discounted ferry trips, just show your pass to get the discount.

What is the travel calendar?

When you have a flexi pass with a specific number of travel days e.g. a Global Pass - 15 days within 2 months, you need to fill in the date in the travel calendar on your Eurail pass before boarding the first train, free bus or free ferry of each day. Decide as you go, when you use each travel day.

What is a continuous pass?

The continuous pass allows you to travel by train every day during the period your pass is valid.

Example: if you have a Global Pass - 21 days continuous and your pass is valid from September 1 to September 21, you can travel by train on each of these days, if you want to.
A continuous pass lets you travel by train on every single day that your pass is valid, but of course you don't have to spend every single day traveling by train. This pass gives you the freedom of train travel whenever you want and is the best way to see the most of Europe.

The Eurail Global Pass is available as a continuous pass with 15 days, 21 days, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months of train travel.

What is a continuous pass?

The continuous pass allows you to travel by train every day during the period your pass is valid.
Example: if you have a Global Pass - 21 days continuous and your pass is valid from September 1 to September 21, you can travel by train on each of these days, if you want to.

What is a flexi pass?
The flexi pass lets you travel by train on a specific number of days that you choose to travel on during the validity of the pass.

Example: If you have a Global Pass - 10 days within 2 months and your pass is valid from June 1 to July 31, you can choose to travel by train on any 10 days during this period. Travel days do not have to be consecutive and you decide during your trip when you use them.

Refunds and exchanges

Can I change the name on my pass?

Sometimes you notice an error in the spelling of your name. Or your travel companions change after you've placed your order.

Is it possible to extend my Eurail pass?

No, we can't extend or upgrade your existing Eurail pass with extra travel days or country validity. If your travel plans have changed, you can exchange your Eurail pass for a different pass.

Can I return my pass for a refund?

If your plans change and you can no longer go on your European rail trip, you're entitled to an 85% refund as per our Booking Terms, provided that your pass is still unused and it has not been activated. It usually takes up to 4 weeks to process a refund.


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